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In May of 1960, Walter “ Doc “ Savage  opened his first Wholesale Plumbing Supply Co in Amarillo Texas. Doc had been exposed to plumbing supply business after returning home after WWII . He had found his home and the company grew rapidly.

The first branch store was opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1963 followed by Sherman, Texas in 1964 and Houston, Texas in 1966.

Tragedy struck early in the morning September 17th, 1967 when Doc died after a suffering a major heart attack at the age of 43. After Doc's death, the company continued to groww with Doc’s wife Madolyn at the helm. It was quite a challenge to raise three childress and manage a business but Madolyn grabbed the rains and never looked back!

Madolyn sold the Sherman and Houston stores to their managers but kept the Albuquerque branch which she ran with store manager, Alex. In 1974, Alex expanded to Roswell, New Mexico.

Meanwhile, the irrigation market had grown in Amarillo and had become a larger part of the day to day business in Amarillo. Toro had approached the company about opening a branch in Oklahoma City that carried only irrigation supplies so the company opend their first irrigation only store.

In 1987, Madolyn retired and sold the branches to their managers and Doc’s legacy continued as new generations took care of their families and customers and brought new opportunities to the business .

At the Oklahoma City branch, Monty Savage and his young family saw a wide open future with potenial for growth. They have built the business on taking great care customers whether they are beginners or seasoned pro’s.




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