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Yes, running your own company is not easy.  Heck, if it were, everyone would be self-employed.  The fact is, running a company most often requires more hours and far more dedication and sweat than a standard 9-5.  The one thing you don’t need is problems and issues with your supplier.

At Doc Savage Irrigation, we know how important it is that you partner with a wholesaler that is here to help.  No lip service…we really understand.  At Doc Savage Irrigation, we know how important it is that we stock the most needed parts and supplies to minimize backordering.  Down time due to backordered product is NOT a good thing.

We make and extra effort to stock those most used parts keeping them in inventory at our cost so when you’re ready, we deliver.  We also ensure that when you need supplies, we immediately pull the order and either have is bundled and ready or deliver it to you on site…quick.  Also, with over 30 years of experience in the irrigation supply industry, we’ve learned a thing or two.

Proper irrigation is a science.  You can’t just “irrigate and go”.  Proper irrigation requires a developed plan affected by the parts used.  We have the ability to build your plan, offer the correct direction and even help with a more effective solution to the end user’s needs.   



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