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Some folks are born “do it your selfers”.   We understand that.  The fact is, proper irrigation is not something you can just throw together.  There are actually more ways to install a system incorrectly than properly.  Make a big enough mistakes and you have to start all over…pulling the system, re-trenching and starting all over again.

If hiring a pro is still not in your plan, never fear, we know all there is to know and we're happy to help you out.  We’re not a big box store…and that’s a good thing.  Go there and try to get professional answers…usually from the guy that also works in the appliance department (sheesh).

We never look down our nose at you and treat you “second class” because you’re just a homeowner.  On the contrary, we admire your spirit!  Are we going to give you contractor pricing?  In a word…no.  That’s not fair to the guys that do it for a living.  But we will offer VERY competitive pricing…even compaired to the big box stores AND we’ll help you the entire way.  We know proper design, installation and materials.  We’ll treat you with respect and offer a surprising amount of advice.

As long as you know from the get-go that irrigation installation is back breaking work and you’re a real go-getter, we’ll steer you right.


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